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What's Your Dream?

For those of you that are new to my blog, I write about my spiritual journey from cancer to wellness. I have been truly blessed and have a strong calling to pass along the messages I have received. If you are going through a difficult time in your life, know you are not alone. There is hope and I am here for you.

There have been two Great Horned Owls in my backyard, watching over their nest. I can stare at them for hours. They are so present and peaceful. I first thought, Is this a bad omen? but as I look out my window at these magnificent creatures I get a sense it is not a coincidence they are there. One of them stares at me and when I look into their eyes I see a reflection of my soul and how beautiful we all are. I feel like they are trying to send me a message. But what could that message possible be?

I was recently invited to interview for a new position at a company I used to work for. The position was for product testing and development. I was so excited and once I read the job description I jumped up and down for joy. This is my dream job! I get to stay in an industry I love and I will be able to create products being sold to the consumer. Yippee!

My first interview was with the person I would be reporting too. I got off the phone and thought the interview went well. I was very excited to move on to the next step. It was during the holidays so I wouldn't hear for another week or so. The following week I received a call from the recruiter telling me they were not going to move me forward. I could feel the blood drain from my face. What happened? The recruiter said, he felt that I was not current with the products they recently developed. What? I got off the phone quickly because I was completely devastated. Everyone I spoke to gave me my own advice. Everything happens for a reason. But why? Don't they know how much experience I have? I can do this job. I was made to do this job. After a few good cries it was time to let it go. My ego was hurt and decided to take everyones advice of everything happens for a reason. I have been reading lots of books on manifesting and one of the biggest ways to manifest is to let what you want go. For my own well being, I needed to let this company go. It's time and there was a reason.

I went on with my life and focused on my health and my family. I meditate and pray everyday. During my pray/mediation, I combine the two. I was listening for an answer. God would tell me, Lori you need to write. I would say, I don't want to write. I want that job. Over and over again I would ask and I would hear, write Lori. So that is what I did. I started writing more about my experience and guess what, I am loving it. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would start a book but I have. I am clearer each day. I am not writing for fame or money, though I'm open. My reason is to help people heal by sharing my story.

I was listening to a podcast with Oprah and she was talking to Tina Fey about age. Tina is turning fifty this year, welcome to the club Tina! Oprah asked her how she felt about it. Tina said something like she was not trying to think about it too much. Oprah said,"when I turned 50, my dear friend, Maya Angelou said to me, ‘Babe, the fifties are everything you’ve been meaning to be. It’s everything you thought you might do. This is it. It’s coming in. You’re not even there yet.” I had the aha. I am meant to be a writer.

I go back to those Great Horned Owls and I now know their message for me.

"You have the wisdom to face your fears and do something great. Do not be afraid to shine your light. Stay present, be peaceful and do what you are meant to do -write."

I say to you, "If you can dream it you can create it." What is your dream?

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