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  • Lori Micheli

What about Bob?

Life has many twists and turns and here I am writing about another. I came home last week and noticed that my husband, Bob, was home early from work. My first reaction was Yeah! Bob is home early. Wait, he NEVER comes home early from work. I walked in, said hi and then I heard those words came out of his mouth. I lost my job. My second reaction...complete shock. I could not believe what I was hearing. People lose their jobs all the time but when it happens to you it's confusing and scary.

I knew enough through my spiritual practice to stay calm and did for a couple of days. My ego started creeping in to control the situation, an addict not getting its fix. trying to get me to live in fear. After a few days, my ego had its grips on me and wanted answers. Why would they do that to you? to us? We have kids going to college. You did an amazing job? WTF? How long is it going to take to get a new job? My ego was spinning out of control and I was not helping my husband. I climbed into bed and cried for a few hours. How was I going to get through this again? Help! God Help Us!

I heard once again to start with gratitude. Take a deep breath and remember this was the company that gave Bob a job when I was first diagnosed with cancer. How can I be mad? I am so grateful that they were there for us during the worst times of our lives. I have my health! I'm doing great by the way. My children are thriving. It was disappointing that Bob lost his job but he had a really good job that he loved and I was grateful. Could it be a good thing that Bob lost his job? Maybe God has a different plan for us, a better plan. It was time to have faith.

I picked up my book, "A Course in Miracles." and started where I left off. The message that kept coming to me through the pages was. "Holy Spirit, You Decide for Me."I was moving into faith in the unknown. My ego was losing its power and I started to surrender to our family's higher purpose. At this moment, we have everything we need. We are healthy, happy, we sing and laugh a lot. God has given us a gift to spend time with each other, God has given us a gift to spend time with Bob. I have complete faith that Bob will get another job but it will not be on my time but God's time. Holy Spirit, You Decide for Me.

I hope that I can encourage and support Bob through this difficult time as he was there to encourage and support me in healing from cancer. It's not scary anymore, As I enjoy this very moment writing to you I am excited, really excited to see where he lands.

Wishing everyone a happy fall and I hope that whatever you are going through, remember you are not forgotten. God has a plan.

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