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I was driving down the highway to meet a friend to go hiking. As I drove through Marin County, I heard a loud voice in my head saying, "Go see AnneMarie and Julie."Ok, let me give you a little background. I worked with them when I was fresh out of beauty school for about eight years in my early twenties. I eventually moved back to the city and AnneMarie and Julie have been working together ever since. During Covid, while businesses were shut down, they saw an opportunity and opened up Parlour Hair Studio.

So back to the loud voice in my head. "Go see AnneMarie and Julie." I responded by saying, "I don't want to go see AnneMarie and Julie. I want to go on my hike." I kindly told the voice, "maybe on the way back." I thought the voice would forget but sure enough, while I was driving back, there was the voice. "Are you going to go see AnneMarie and Julie now?" I made the turn towards their salon. Parlour Hair Studio is located in Kentfield on College Ave, two blocks from where we used to work together. I walked in, saw Julie, and the first thing she said to me was, "When are coming to work with us?" As I walked through the bright airy space I had that feeling of knowing. I knew I wanted to work here.

During that time, I was researching professional hair color lines that have a low chemical profile. I personally have hair know, after your hairstylist applies color and you ask for a comb because your scalp is really itchy. I found a company from Denmark called Natulique. It is natural-based and certified organic. Ammonia, sulfate, paraben-free. I used the color on myself and not only did my scalp not itch but the results were amazing. The true test was how long the color would last before it faded. It didn't. The shine was unbelievable. I kept an eye out on the people I tested weeks before and the color did not fade. I am so happy I found a hair color I can offer my clients that I feel good about.

Knowing. I recently read Untamed by Glennon Doyle. One thing that resonated with me was her knowing. I love to second guess everything but when I know I know. Opportunities become available effortlessly. There is no struggle. Knowing is easy, it flows. The piece of the puzzle fits. It just feels right. There is no questioning. Should I take this job? Should I go to get my masters? Fill in the blank. If it feels right, if it feels good, you know.

Be well and if you need to get your hair done you know where to find me. Here - Parlour Hair Studio.

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