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  • Lori Micheli

It's not the Destination, It's the journey.

I am back in Italy this summer and even in this beautiful place with amazing people, food and wine I still face my demons. I know, I know, vacations are supposed to be a time to relax and forget about your life for a period of time but for me, it is an opportunity to grow.

What has come up a lot for me on this trip is letting go. It seems like a simple concept, stay present, be in the moment... but is it? I have always tried to control everything in my life because I believed if I controlled the outcome I would not have to fear the unknown. Stay with me.

On my trip, I made plans to meet friends in Siena for lunch. We took the morning train and it took a couple of hours to get there from Viareggio. It was smooth sailing, we ate a beautiful lunch did some site seeing, and spent the night in a humble Albergo by Il Campo. The next day after some shopping we headed back to the train station to come home. If you have taken Trenitalia it is efficient and economical but can be a little confusing at least for me anyway. We had ten minutes to transfer to another train in Empoli to get to Viareggio. As we hopped off the train, we asked a woman who was standing outside, which binari is going to Viareggio? She confidently said, "numero due." We quickly ran to the track but as we were getting on the train my intuition said, this doesn't feel right. I paused and decided to do something different. I trusted the journey and let go of the outcome. I was looking out the window and the landscape looked different. An overhead recording announced we had arrived in Livorno. Livorno is 45 minutes south of our destination. I knew it! My intuition was right and my ego was telling me how right I was. Why did I not say something when I had the chance. A calmness came over me. What is the big deal? Hurray we are in Livorno! Where should we eat?

On our way home, I deeply thought about this. Should I have listened to my intuition or should I have gone with the flow? I was perplexed. Shouldn't we listen to our intuition, that gut feeling we are going in the wrong direction? Maybe my intuition was right about getting on the wrong train but maybe there was a reason we ended up in Livorno.

This little trip taught me to be patient with myself and those around me. Getting on the wrong train taught me it is ok to make mistakes, God will always bring me back to where I am supposed to go, it just might take more time. I learned life will always have its twists and turns, its ups and downs but it is how I handle them that is important. Let's rewind, say I freaked out when we go on the wrong train, guess what, that would be ok too. I have always tried to be perfect because if I am perfect I would not feel pain or disappointment. Guess what I am perfectly imperfect and though my intuition was right, God had a more important lesson for me which is to let go and enjoy exactly where I am today. Sometimes going in the wrong direction is the right direction. God will always get me back on track.

May you be at peace in your journey wherever you are this summer.

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