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I Need To Color My Hair!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Sound familiar? During this crazy time of social distancing, hand washing, and self-quarantine, it is a time to reflect on what is truly important in life...your hair color! As trivial as it might sound, hair is an important part of feeling better. I know first hand the humbling experience of losing all my hair. It just makes us feel better to have nice looking hair. It raises our spirits even during these times when you are clearing out your closet or reorganizing your garage. As a hairstylist and a cancer survivor, that's right I am cancer-free, I understand the importance of feeling normal through an unprecedented time. As my trainer would say, I got you.

Many friends have emailed asked me, "What do I do about my roots?" This got me thinking and I came up with a couple of ideas. I have spoken to many of my friends who are hairstylists and they are really scared because they do not have any income coming in and worried about how they going to pay their bills. So I thought, why not create a home kit for your clients that you can drop off at their front door. You would have the same color brought to you complete with hair color, brush, developer, and gloves. I recommend you ask your stylist if this is something they are willing to do.

The second option is to order some hair color at Madison Reed. They carry professional quality hair color which can be delivered to your doorstep. Madison Reed has a color advisor to guide you through which color works best for you. Click on the link to start.

Still not sure? No problem. Madison Reed has professional hairstylists, Color Crew, to help go one step further to find your perfect match. Click on the link to speak, chat, or email.

Ok, so I hope this helps ease some anxiety around getting those roots covered. Please let me know if you have any questions because I am here to help. I used to be on Color Crew and happy to answer any questions. Shoot me an email at and send me a photo of your hair color. I would be happy to recommend a color for you.

Be well, everyone. I got you :)

I just ordered my kit. Stay tuned for a demonstration.

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