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I am happy to say that I am off all medications. Woohoo! I feel great and I am getting stronger everyday. I did start taking vitamins, B-6, and Alpha Lipoic Acid that were recommended by my oncologist for my neuropathy and vitamin D to compensate for lack of sun exposure. I walked into the vitamin section at Walgreens and I was completely overwhelmed by the selection. I decided to go home, order the vitamins from Amazon by making an educated guess based on their reviews. After about a month of taking the vitamins, I was surfing facebook and read an article my friend Crystal Brown posted about her company called Healthiest. It never ceases to amaze me how the universe gives you what you need.

I read about Crystals company, and said to myself, this is good, really good. I decided to give her a call to learn about what inspired her to create I suggest reading her bio but take my word, this women is a power house and I love supporting smart, strong women. Here is part of her story. Crystal started a subscription based company where you can buy healthy products for your baby. She realized mom's would go to her site, gather information and place their first order. After their initial order, the mom's headed to amazon to make their purchases. She decided to incorporate this idea of healthy products, not limited to baby products, and integrate it with an amazon platform. Brilliant! Healthiest was created. has taken the guess work our of what we purchase by doing the research for us. A team of health advisors analyze ingredients so the products that they stand behind are sustainable and chemical free. I have known Crystal for many years as our kids played at the park and went to preschool together which for me makes her a trusted resource.

This is how it works. Go to and download the extension to shop on Amazon; by the way it's 100% free, truly and so easy. While shopping on amazon, will give you a better option to purchase that you can trust. Below I have added their one minute video intro. Not only do I buy all my vitamins on amazon using Healthiest extension but I buy anything from dog food to cleaning products. Again, it is so easy to use and it only takes a few minutes to download.

My first priority is my health and the health of my family. If we all lean towards making positive changes, not only by what we put in our bodies but also being kind to one another, meditate, exercise and pray, individual change will happen. Make small shifts and lean. I love the word lean, it's so gentle.

Ok! Download the extension and make positive changes in your life. Oh, and my neuropathy has improved. Bonus. Love to you all :)

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