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What's your Purpose?

Like most of you, I have been living in my own little bubble and as a result, forced to go deeper into my spiritual journey. I often ask God, when will my purpose be revealed? I envision trumpet players marching down my block, they stop in front of my house to make a grand announcement. "Lori Micheli, your purpose is to..." Tada! The roar of the crowd cheers and I hear the words, well done! Ok, back to reality.

I am currently on the parish council at St. Ignatius Church and we are working on strategic planning. I recently attended a six-hour Zoom meeting on a Saturday and honestly, I did not want to accept the invitation. I will call it "Covid Laziness," but something told me to accept. Once I committed, I heard that little voice telling me to be fully present. Hmmm. Be present. The moderator guided us to relook at our mission statement and started by asking the question, why does St. Ignatius Church exist? I had my notebook and pen and started scribbling a list of reasons why I thought parishioners come to our parish. I wrote down meditation and reflection. Having a stronger relationship with God. To make personal connections, to inspire, to heal, to be of service, and ultimately to love. The next day I checked out my list and thought OMG! I just created my own personal mission statement.

Every year I host Christmas Eve dinner, yes this year will be a small group, and I like to put little gifts on everyone's plate. I kept seeing an Instagram post from my cousin Lianna who makes organic soaps. FYI- I love soaps, in case you are wondering what to get me. Since I love soaps I thought it was the perfect gift to get everyone. I gave her a call and we started talking about her purpose behind making the soaps. After our discussion, I knew I wanted to write about her. I went to her house, with masks on, and the first thing she said was, "Do you want to cut some soap?" Of course, I want to cut some soaps. I immediately felt her groundedness which reminded me to be present. Lianna's sister Daniela, is the other half of this business. They compliment each other. Lianna steers the boat while Daniela puts her foot on the pedal. We sat down, had a cup of tea, and discussed why LiannaSoaps exist. It was inspiring to sit down and listen to how these two ladies want to make a difference.

One day Lianna was in the shower using a shower gel that contained microbeads. After learning about these beads and it's toxicity, she was motivated to make a soap that was not only safe to use on her skin but good for the environment. Lianna created a natural soap made from olive and coconut oil along with essential oils. Basically, ingredients you can read. A low carbon footprint was a must. All her ingredients are sourced as close to her as possible. The packaging is made from agricultural waste and compostable paper. She even makes her own glue from flour water sugar and vinegar to wrap the soap. Lianna is extremely thoughtful and detailed oriented about what she chooses to go into her soaps. Her purpose is developing a product that hydrates the skin while protecting our planet, one bar at a time.

So, if you want to support a small local business that has a purpose? Click on LiannaSoap

So back to What is your Purpose? I have learned, there are no trumpets playing and no grand announcement. My purpose happens when I am in the moment. My personal mission statement is my road map but being present and living in the moment is the driver. When I let go of the outcome, I have room to invite God to guide me on my journey. Let me tell you, it is better than I could ever imagine. So, I invite you to ask yourself, "Why do you exist?"

Here is a quote I want to share.

"Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck." - Dalai Lama

As always, I wish you love. Be well.

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